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For new or returning customers, our goal is to offer you the best value pricing in the industry. If you find a less expensive PCB fab or assembly offer, please email or fax the written quote to us and we will match or beat that domestic price!

Listed below are examples of the required fields on the files that we will need from you:

PCB Assembly Quote Required File

1.     Bill of materials (BOM) in CSV or Excel format —— PCB Assembly Quote Need

2.     Copper, silkscreen, and solder paste layer gerbers in RS274X format —— PCB Assembly Quote Need

3.     Pick and place file or XYRS data file (Pick-n-place, component locator, or X, Y, rotation, side data – Centroid of parts) —— PCB Assembly Need

1) Your BOM needs to provide the information in a machine-readable format. The following is a csv/xls/.xlsx example which would work for us:

Reference Designator(s) Value Description Digikey Part Number (or MFG PN) Decal/package/Footprint (Optional)
C2,C6-C8,C11-14,16 .1uF 50V High freq NPO Capxxxx-ND 0603

2) Gerber layers: For any side with SMT parts we need three layers: copper, paste, and silk.

Copper layer for scaling
Paste layer for stencil (note: not solder stop or solder mask)
Silk layer verification of the polarity of diodes, caps, and ICs.

3) Pick and place file or XYRS information would be based on component centroid (or Pin1) and used by our pick-n-place machine.

This information allows us to perform a quick and near perfect placement of our SMT components.

Reference Designator(s) X Y Rotation Side (Preferred) Decal/package
C1 2.850mil 1.650mil 90 TOP 0603

Although a CSV/XLS format is suggested for this information, we understand that various CAD programs will generate this

in a ‘text’ format that is ‘standard’ (for a given CAD system).  Some custom formats that we currently support include:

PADs ASCII, Orcad Insert, and Eagle MNT.

PCB Quote Required File

Provide us ONLY with the data files needed for PCB production. These are :

1.     Gerber files for the copper layers, solder mask and legend(silkscreen) layers, mechanical layer and SMD paste layers.

Plus carbon, peel-off and via-fill layers as needed. Gerbers in RS274X format. Example: Altium Gerber files.

2.     Excellon(or NC Drill Files) for drilling. Example: Altium NC Drill Files

3.     If you want us to prepare a customer panel (“array”, “matrix” or “biscuit”) from the single board data to your individual specification,

the panel plan can be supplied as a Gerber or DPF file.

1.     Please DO NOT provide any additional files such as original CAD data (other than Eagle), Word files (.doc), PDF files(.pdf), Excel files (.xls), part lists,

placement and assembly information, etc.

2.     Where possible check your generated output data (Gerbers & Excellon/NC Drill Files ) with a Gerber viewer before you send it on to production.

3.     Make sure that all instructions or other necessary input needed for making the boards are included in the Gerber and Excellon (NC Drill) files.