PCB Assembly Services Capabilities

PCB Assembly Services Capability, PCB Manufacturing Capability, Flexible Printed Circuit FPC Capability As follow:

     PCB Assembly Services Capability
Items PCB Assembly Services Capability
1 Min. IC Pitch 0.30mm(12mil)
3 Min. Chip Placement 01005
4 Max. PCB Size 410mm x 600mm(16.2″ x 23.6″)
5 Min. PCB Thickness 0.35mm(13.8mil)
6 Maximum BGA Size 74mm x 74mm(2.9″ x 2.9″)
7 BGA Ball Pitch 1mm ~ 3mm(4mil ~ 12mil)
8 BGA Ball Diameter 0.4mm ~ 1mm(16mil ~ 40mil)
9 QFP Lead Pitch 0.38mm ~ 2.54mm(15mil ~ 100mil)
10 Package Anti-static Bubble Bag & Carton
       PCB Manufacturing Capability
Items Capability
1 Layers 1 ~ 60 layers
2 Base Material FR4, High Tg FR4, Halogen Free, Isola, Rogers, Aluminium
3 Finished Board Thickness 0.2mm ~ 8.2mm(8mil-330mil)
4 Aspect Ratio 10:1
5 Copper Thickness 1/3oz ~ 7oz
6 Surface Finishing HASL, Lead Free HASL, Immersion tin, Immersion gold, Gold plating, Immersion silver, OSP, Carbon, etc.
7 Max gold plating thickness 50 microinch
8 Min. Trace Width/Space 0.075/0.075mm(3/3mil)   HDI PCB (1.2/1.2mil)
9 Min. Finish Holes Size 0.1mm(4mil) for laser holes; 0.2mm(8mil) for mechanical holes
10 Max.Finshed Size 600mm x 900mm (23.6″ x 35.43″)
11 Hole Tolerance PTH:±0.076mm(+/-3mil), NTPH:±0.05mm(+/-2mil)
12 Soldermask Color Green, White, Black, Red, Yellow, Blue
13 Silkscreen Color White, Black, Yellow, Blue
14 Impedance Control +/-10%
15 Profiling Punching Routing, V-CUT, Chamfer
16 Hole tolerance PTH:±0.076,NTPH:±0.05
17 Special Holes Blind/Buried holes, Countersunk holes
18 Reference Standard IPC-A-600H Class 2, Class 3
19 Certificate UL, ISO9001, TS16949, ISO 14001, TL 9000, AS9100, ROHS, SGS
20 Package Vacuum & Carton
     Flexible Printed Circuit Capability
Items Capability
1 Type 2, 3 & 4 Single-sided, Double-sided, Flex-Rigid PCB Multi-layers (up to 16 layers)
2 Surface Finishing HASL(LF), Gold plating, Electroless nickel immersion gold, Immersion Tin, OSP(Entek) ect.
3 Base Material Polyimide(Kapton), Polyester(PET), Acrylic, epoxy & adhesive-less, polyimide flex materials
4 Copper Foil ED/RA
5 Min. Line Width 0.05mm(2 mil)
6 Min. Line Spacing 0.05mm(2 mil)
7 Min. Hole Size 0.2mm(8mil)
8 Max. Board Size 400mm x 800mm(15.8″ x 31.5″)
9 Board Thickness Mini 0.1mm(4mil) – max up to 3.0mm (0.118”)
10 Min. Solder Mask Thickness 10um(0.4mil)
11 Solder Mask Types Green, Yellow, Black, White, Blue, Red, Clear
12 Profiling Punching, Routing, V-cut, Bikini cut, loose leaf construction
13 Soldering Thermal Resistance 300°C/10 seconds
14 Peeling Strength ≥1.4kg/cm
15 Surface Resistance 10 5 mΩ
16 Insulation Resistance 10 5 mΩ
17 Dielectric Strength 9.8×10 5 v/cm
18 Flammability UL-94V-0
19 Performance Test 100% electrical and electricity performance test

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